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Dropdown Menu Generator

  • choose a form name…if you have multiple forms on the same page, you need to call them something different
  • enter the text you’d like written on the button
  • enter the text selections you would like in your dropdown menu
  • enter the URL for each listing
  • generate!

Cut and Paste the code generated into your webpage where you want the menu.

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10 Free HTML Drop Down Menu Navigations


Hey, guys! Here we are again with 10 new HTML drop down menus for your next web app! The drop down menus can put a pretty good impression on your visitor and also easy navigation of the product or category through a proper listing.

If you want a new HTML website or just want to redesign your existing one, then you might need a navigation bar with eye-catching drop down designs.

1. Opera Html Drop Down Menu Navigation

A beautiful drop down menu that uses pure CSS.


Opera Html Drop Down Menu Navigation

2. Flat Accented Html Drop Down Menu

Flat Accented Html Drop Down Menu that will help you organize your groups in a simple but elegant menu.


3. Colored Tab Dropdown Menu Navigation

A Silver Tabbed Html Drop Down Menu Navigation with a customizable color, perfect for your next web app.


4. Rounded Slate Html Drop Down Navigation

This rounded slated HTML drop down menu navigation comes with a great color combination, ready to use in your web app.


5. Orange Html Drop Down Menu

An Orange Html Drop Down Menu Navigation that uses CSS3 to bring you a beautiful menu for your next work.


6. Light Opera Html Drop Down Menu Navigation

A Light Opera Drop Down Menu Navigation for your white themed web application, great color combination, and elegance.


7. Grey Red Drop Down Menu Html Menu Navigation

This Grey Red Drop Down Menu Menu Navigation is fully customizable and great in the eyes. Your visitors will love it!


8. Flat Horizontal Html Drop Down Menu Navigation

This Flat Horizontal Html Drop Down Menu Navigation uses the horizontal drop down to give a great effect to the selection.


9. Blue HTML Drop Down Navigation

A simple yet beautiful blue menu navigation to organize your categories and show them on your website.


10. Canopy Menu Navigation

This canopy HTML drop down menu can be used in your navigation and your visitors will love it! Fully customizable.


CSS Menu Maker

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